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The Department of Education is one of the important academic units of the University of Chitral. It aims at developing capacity of prospective teachers of primary, secondary and higher secondary schools. It provides students a unique experience of academic life with a strong focus on world best classroom practices, issues-based education, applied research and educational leadership. The department takes every possible step to facilitate its students in order to acquire academic and professional excellence and to become efficient educators and practitioners. The Department of Education prepares its graduates as change agents, pedagogical leaders, educational managers engaged in improvement of pedagogical practices. We also aspire to transform the Department of Education into an active, research-oriented department, offering programs responsive to the broader contextual changes and challenges of globalization.

Vision of the Department

The department has the vision of becoming a leading and premier teacher-education institution achieving the goal of excellence in teacher education, research and educational leadership, developing reflective practitioners, researchers and educational leaders and working for developing world citizens with excellent academic, professional, intellectual and social capitals with the target of fostering global perspectives of practitioners.

Mission Statement

Providing best pedagogical and instructional practices, developing research cultures and educational leadership practices to prospective teachers, educational researchers and educational leaders, introducing reflective practice and critical pedagogy, fostering a culture of research based classroom practice with the application of educational technology .

Values Statement

The Department of Education is committed to promote the values of honesty, integrity, decency, professionalism, respect, democratic values, and collaboration to achieve its mission.


  • Promoting the significance of teacher education
  • Introducing modern teaching skills and techniques
  • Developing teachers as educational researchers
  • Introducing pedagogies and strategies that lead to reflective practices
  • Introducing strategies that lead to critical pedagogy and education
  • Using new educational technologies in teaching and learning

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Know about University of Chitral

To serve the society by developing in students a delicate intellectual, cultural, ethical, and humane sensitivity through a pleasant blend of ancient and modern wisdom; to foster a scientific temper and to promote professional and technological expertise. Pivotal to this vision is a commitment to contributing in local, national and international development, concomitantly adhering to the dictates of our social ethics, traditions and environment.

  • To achieve distinction in teaching and research
  • To generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge
  • To meet the challenges of a complex, and modern society through informed social outreach
  • To empower through knowledge and information
  • To build up a responsible and dynamic citizenry
  • To expand, improve, and advance the quality of human resources
  • To contribute in building a just, responsible and dynamic society
  • To develop moral and ethical values
  • To meet contemporary local and national demands and anticipate future social and economic objectives & preserve and promote cultural traditions, humanistic and spiritual values.






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